Welcome to the AIAA Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Laboratory! 

The AIAA Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (RRPL) is committed to promoting the study of aerospace and astronautics within the Rutgers community. In doing so, members utilize teamwork to advance their understanding of space technology, while developing real world skills. RRPL provides a community for aerospace enthusiasts to develop these skills by reinforcing engineering principles through use in everyday practice, providing an authentic home for rocketeers.

The team competes in the Spaceport America Cup, the world’s premier international collegiate rocketry competition, where teams design, build, and launch rockets in a variety of competition classes, ranging from altitude, propellant type, and scientific payload. RRPL will be competing with four rockets in the 2019 competition season, along with several planned exhibition launches.

New members have the option of joining one of eight student lead groups as follows, 10,000ft Commercial Off The Shelf components (COTS), 10,000ft Student Researched And Designed propellant systems (SRAD), 30,000ft COTS, 30,000ft SRAD, Liquid Propulsion Research, Functional Payload, Scientific Payload, or Business subteams. The business team is the core of our sponsorship base, responsible for company outreach, and obtaining and maintaining sponsorship and relations within the aerospace and technology industry, to further support our endeavors.

All together, RRPL is coming together to become one of the nation's premier collegiate rocketry teams.

The website is regularly updated, please come back and check often. 


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