Propulsion is a sub-team within AIAA RRPL, mostly focusing on solid and liquid motors. The sub-team has been around since the start of Fall 2018 and expected to mature in the coming months.

The Wickman Method:

This Fall 2018, 1 year after the club started as a group of 3 students with no idea of how to build High-Powered Rockets, 3 members traveled to Casper, Wyoming to take part in a 4 day class that teaches the principles, design, manufacturing, and testing of Solid Rocket Motors. Over these 4 days, those 3 members gained all the necessary knowledge to come back and implement this motor research and design team at AIAA RRPL. The team is hopeful that thy can work with the University to ensure proper safety procedures are set in place to begin manufacturing of these Ammonium Perchlorate motors. The team is planning to enter both Student-Researched-And-Designed (SRAD) competition categories for the 10 and 30,000 ft categories at the 2019 Spaceport America Cup.