Our lineup of High Powered rockets that have paved the way for future development.


Eagle I v1

  • First rocket to utilize electronic recovery systems, including dual redundancy deployment

  • First test of in-house designed motor retention system

  • First RPL Level 2 Certification

    Key Details

  • Maximum Apogee: 2,313 ft

  • Mach: 0.32

  • Hight: 6’2”

  • Weight: 10 lbs Loaded Mass


Eagle I v2

  • Spaceport America Competition Rocket

  • First fiberglass rocket body

  • First implementation of radio signal strength indicator telemetry

Key Details

  • Apogee: 8,381 ft

  • Mach: 1.04

  • Height: 7’ 10.5”

  • Weight: 14 lbs Loaded Mass


L1 Program Rockets

Recently a large batch of our new members had the opportunity to launch all of their independent rockets. Each were designed to hold the same nosecone during launch.