Membership Guide

This part of the website is dedicated to prospective members that are interested in joining Rutgers RPL. Below is a list of documents that should be read carefully so the said prospective member can smoothly transition from an inexperienced member to a valuable asset for the club. 

Prospective Member Survey

Below is a link to a google survey that is mandatory for all members joining Rutgers RPL. The form helps the club to jot down all useful information from the individual and helps save time when organizing events or making orders. 

Rutgers RPL Google Form

New Membership Handbook

Below is a link to the 'Rutgers RPL Handbook ' in this PDF file the prospective member will have an idea of what it is like to join Rutgers RPL and what key ideas need to be taken into account. If still sounds exciting to you at the very end, welcome aboard!

Rutgers RPL Handbook


New documents/content may be added in the future to this section of the website, please regularly check. 


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