Our lineup of High Powered rockets that have paved the way for future development.


Eagle I v1

  • First rocket to utilize electronic recovery systems, including dual redundancy deployment

  • First test of in-house designed motor retention system

  • First RPL Level 2 Certification

    Key Details

  • Maximum Apogee: 2,313 ft

  • Mach: 0.32

  • Hight: 6’2”

  • Weight: 10 lbs Loaded Mass


Eagle I v2

  • Spaceport America Competition Rocket

  • First fiberglass rocket body

  • First implementation of radio signal strength indicator telemetry

Key Details

  • Apogee: 8,381 ft

  • Mach: 1.04

  • Height: 7’ 10.5”

  • Weight: 14 lbs Loaded Mass


L1 Program Rockets

Recently a large batch of our new members had the opportunity to launch all of their independent rockets. Each were designed to hold the same nosecone during launch.

Spaceport America Cup Rocket 2018-2019 (Needs Content)

Late Summer 2019 L3 Rocket (Needs Content)