Our First Launch...

This past weekend, Partth Laad became the first RPL member to become Level 1 Certified with the National Association of Rocketry after a long, hectic day of preparations! Through low clouds and concerning rain, Partth launched the "Scarlet 1" (a Hi-Tech kit) to roughly 2,400 ft with an H123W motor. The parachute deployed successfully and was recovered in good condition.

The rocket ended up drifting a fair amount away to the point that it was found on the side of the road and returned by a kind, enthusiastic individual. The lesson learned from the certification launch is the old rocketry certification adage "Low And Slow"

RPL wants to thank the wonderful members of Radical Rocketeers (NAR #712) for all their help and guidance as we take our first steps forward into a new and exciting world!

-- Andrew Duffer