Our First Launch...

This past weekend, Partth Laad became the first RPL member to become Level 1 Certified with the National Association of Rocketry after a long, hectic day of preparations! Through low clouds and concerning rain, Partth launched the "Scarlet 1" (a Hi-Tech kit) to roughly 2,400 ft with an H123W motor. The parachute deployed successfully and was recovered in good condition.

The rocket ended up drifting a fair amount away to the point that it was found on the side of the road and returned by a kind, enthusiastic individual. The lesson learned from the certification launch is the old rocketry certification adage "Low And Slow"

RPL wants to thank the wonderful members of Radical Rocketeers (NAR #712) for all their help and guidance as we take our first steps forward into a new and exciting world!

-- Andrew Duffer

Well, Where to Start?

I would like to first welcome anybody who took the time to visit our blog posts. This part of the website is very new and was put at the further end of the editing list for the website. The main purpose of these blogs is to update the regular or even casual follower with nice and light summaries to keep them in the loop. It'll take a while before we get a rhythm going on for blog posts but hey, at least it's not rocket science!

Talking about rockets, great stuff has been happening over at Rutgers RPL. This upcoming Saturday (Feb. 10), we are planning to go to our second rocket launching. During the event, we are hoping for Partth Laad (Captain) to get Level One certified so we can move onto bigger and faster rockets! Before the 2018 Spaceport America Cup, we are working towards a Level Two certification so we can compete with a large enough motor for a large enough competition rocket. 

In other news, we finally ordered our t-shirts, so we are no longer clueless-rocket-enthusiasts, we are going to be cosmetically official. Join us next time for information on the competition rocket design and our certification endeavors.

- Edwin Guerrero, Vice Captain of Rutgers RPL


Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Here's (Left to Right) Parth, Partth and Elyse working on a Level One Certification rocket.